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(f.k.a. Carol Bond Health Foods)!

Over the years, customers have asked us how we got started in the health industry. Here is a short version of a long story.

Howard and Carol Bond were in a Houston shopping mall in the year 1976. At a health food store, they were intrigued by the health-related possibilities of the vitamins and supplements on the shelves. Howard had achieved a substantial background in human anatomy, and Carol had studied the effectiveness of nutritional care. Based on conversations with the representative in the health food store, both Howard and Carol began a regimen. They quickly noticed an improvement in their vitality and vigor.

The startling effectiveness of the supplements prompted the pair to plan their own distribution center. In October, 1978, Carol and Howard Bond celebrated the opening of their first store. Research had shown them the type of products adults wanted but often couldn’t get. The result was custom-formulation of private label products such as Geri-Hi, which to this day is among Carol Bond’s top five sellers. People were tired of being sick and tired, Carol Bond explains. For that matter, the typical American- is tired most of the time. Geri-Hi was conceived and prepared to combat just that problem.

The Beginning of “The Health Empire”

Howard Bond decided to test the effectiveness of Geri-Hi by giving a two-day supply to a group of customers. At the end of two days, most returned to buy a bottle, explaining that even in so short a time they could feel how strongly their energy level had increased.

Additional research eventuated into the combination that has made Carol Bond Health Foods renowned throughout the United States: The Carol Bond Health Plan, consisting of Geri-Hi, Dolomite, and CPP Natural Protein.

Originally, the company did business only in Southeast Texas, but as the reputation grew and the customer base expanded, mail-order customers flocked to the only source of The Carol Bond Health Plan. The biggest single cause of expansion was referrals, an indication of the effectiveness of the formulation.

Radio advertising followed. The relationship with Christian Radio and numerous Christian magazines has lasted more than twenty years and shows no sign of slacking.

35 Years of Excellence and Integrity

Thirty-five years after its founding, Carol Bond Health Foods enjoys a unique position in the world of vitamins and supplements.

Founder Howard Bond passed away in May of 1999. Carol Bond continues as chief executive officer, maintaining the triple tradition of Carol Bond Health Foods until 2014 when she sold it to long time employee of 25 years, Sherry Mettlen. Sherry Passed away in January of 2017 and now Carol Bond Health Foods is owned by Betty and Robert Runkle.

Betty Wells Runkle is a Certified Natural Health Consultant and holds a doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy.  She has over 16 years experience working in the field of natural and botanical support for health.

Attention is to natural, safe formulations that work.
Delivery is fast and confidential.
As new developments are recognized, they replace older ones, so potency and effectiveness are always at a maximum.

“Our reputation accompanies every shipment of every product. We treasure that reputation, built over 35 years and we aren’t about to risk it.”